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About Us

Montecito-caviar is a premium quality international importer of fine foods from various regions of the world. We aim to offer the best of what the present market has available to consumers, even while quantities are limited due to shortages. Our website contains factual information about our different products, production, availability of stock and more, in efforts to encourage a better informed inexperienced new buyer as well as a seasoned regular customer.

The purpose of our content is to also educate buyers about various fine foods, its origins and production. As caviar is the center of our retail sales, it is important to us that our customers be well familiar with the specific products we have available prior to sale and purchase. The most premium products require a high level of care and handling which aims to ensure freshness, proper storage and speedy timely delivery. The Montecito-caviar company delivers top quality and fine foods to restaurants, dinner parties or any special occasions all across the United States from Santa Barbara to the Eastern coast and any establishment or home in between.

We know that special occasions are seldom and memorable, providing the finest foods to your guests makes an impression about the host. Therefore, we take all steps necessary to be the sole reliable source needed year after year, special occasion after special occasion. We welcome questions and input from our customers, whether private party or restaurant establishments, about our premium quality delicacies listed on our website. Please post questions and comments using our customer resources available on our website and a professional well informed staff member will respond to help with your purchase.