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Making a special occasion memorable

There are few delicacies in the world which can make a statement like caviar. Caviar signifies a special luxury for individuals with rich taste for fine foods. Quality in caviar can be easily tasted, even seen when initially opening the container. Couples looking to make a special occasion even more memorable can add one of the world's most precious delicacies to their dinner menu. From presentation to pairing, a few simple tips can help even the first time consumer make the right decisions.


Serving Caviar on Valentine's

When buying caviar, there are a few things to keep in mind that can make a difference. Finding a reputable supplier is a good start. Caviars are categorized by type of fish, size, color and its origin. Some caviars have subtle flavors while others contain a more robust rich taste, better for pairing. As caviar is served in small quantities, pairing with the right foods should preserve the prized sturgeon roe flavor, not overpower it. One aspect of quality taste that is often looked over is freshness. Caviar is highly perishable, freshness affects its flavor by making it taste fishy. Therefore, order, purchase or reserve to receive the caviar closest to valentine's day as possible. Once the caviar is brought home, it should be immediately placed in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Caviar should be kept cold at all times. If the temperature in the refrigerator is not sufficiently cold, the jar of caviar can be placed on top of a bowl of ice to keep cooler. Do not freeze caviar as eggs will burst and ruining the appearance as well as its taste. The jar should be opened just before serving. Pearls should be clear, shiny and separate easily so that they can pop individually with a burst of salty ocean flavor fresh quality caviar is known for. Caviar is sometimes served in its original container, but must be kept cold even after removing it from the refrigerator. The container can be placed on a bowl of ice or in special containers made specifically for caviar. Do not serve caviar with a metal spoon as it can transfer and affect the taste. Mother of pearl spoons, plastic spoons, porcelain, just about any material other than metal can be used.


Which Caviar To Choose For The Special Occasion

Recently, with a growing number of farms producing sustainable supplies to a demanding market, there is a better selection of good choices available to consumers. Caviar is being offered in colors such as velvet pink for Valentine's by some sellers. Special orders are recommended as inventories of caviar become scarce during holidays and special occasions. Avoid being left with less popular or more common varieties that can be found readily available in stores by reserving a container of top quality caviar to be delivered fresh close to the occasion.