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Osetra Caviar

The Osetra Sturgeon Caviar

The Osetra sturgeon is mostly found in the Caspian sea where it is harvested for its highly prized caviar. Occasionally, other ways of spelling Osetra are Asetra, Ossetra, Ascietra and Oscietra. It is amongst the most premium of caviars, second only to the eggs from the Beluga sturgeon. Smaller than the beluga sturgeon and larger than the servuga, the osetra sturgeon can reach nearly 500 pounds. This caviar has historically been harvested by Russians and Iranians, however, osetra sturgeon farms have been operating in Israel, Germany, China, Italy and Bulgaria. Osetra is a Russian term meaning sturgeon, this has been confusing to many unknowing potential buyers. The lack of clarity is whether the container labeled osetra means the type of sturgeon the caviar is harvested from, or does label making the claim simply means that the caviar from any sturgeon.


Taste of Osetra Caviar

Osetra caviar can also vary in taste and color. The osetra sturgeon is a bottom feeder, and its diet can change with seasons and as a consequence affect the flavor of the caviar. Color can vary from golden yellow to dark brown, eggs are approximately 3 millimeters, firmer than the beluga sturgeon's and known for a distinct nutty crisp taste. The osetra sturgeon reaches maturity in approximately 15 years, as the sturgeon gets older, the lighter the color of the eggs will be making them more expensive. Golden Osetra, also known as Royal Caviar is golden yellow in color, abundantly rich flavor and the relatively rare. The Almas osetra caviar is the most prized and expensive of all osetra caviar.


Quality of Osetra Caviar

The quality of the caviar is generally reflected in the price. Another larger factor is the supply availability making rare caviar the most expensive. The beluga sturgeon is the rarest of all other sturgeons. They take longer to mature, specially in the wild. They’re natural habitats have been severely affected to the point where there are more in fish farms than in the wild. It is easy to see due to its scarcity why the beluga is the most expensive. However, rarity does not necessarily mean better taste. The osetra caviar has been claimed in many reviews and taste tests to have a better flavor than the Beluga caviar. Chefs at top restaurants prefer serving osetra caviar to their customers based solely its rich taste and texture.