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Adriatic Sturgeon Caviar

Origin of the Adriatic Sturgeon

Historically found across the territory of the Adriatic sea's river tributaries in Italy, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro. The Adriatic sturgeon (Acipenser Naccarii) is an anadromous species, predominantly living in a marine environment and only moving to fresh waters for it's spawning cycle which can occur every two years. However some of the Adriatic sturgeon population have lived entirely in fresh water rivers as a result of environmental impacts such as man made damns or other incursions that have dramatically altered their migratory route to such a degree that they can in fact no longer even reach the sea during the span of their lives which can exceed 50 years.

Spain's Sustainable Adriatic Caviar Revitalizes the Market

The Adriatic sturgeon has a unique aquaculture history that began in earnest a quarter century ago in the Andalusian region of Spain. Once thought to be nearly wiped out in it the wild, the sturgeon's population was revitalized by traditionally Spanish trout farmers who visualized their natural mountain spring fed waters in the the foothills of Granad's Sierra Nevada Mountains also providing a sustainable environment for the potentially bountiful Adriatiac sturgeon. The end result of careful cultivation, including an organic free range diet over the past two decades has allowed the female sturgeon to mature on average to an optimal 20 years of age, ensuring prime caviar readiness in an unstressed fish. The success of the program was highlighted when Spanish Adriatic farmed sturgeon were successfully introduced into rivers in the southern Spanish region that were complementary to their wild habitat.

Taste of Spanish Adriatic Caviar

The flavor of Spain's sustainably harvested Adriatic Caviar is elegant and pronounced in its lingering sweetness. The silken texture of the eggs evokes hints of a delicate walnut cream infusion without leaving an oily aftertaste on the palate. The great age that the sturgeon reach before the caviar are harvested greatly impacts the quality, producing a consistently larger, firmer, dark brown to black colored egg which are lightly salted and preserved in the great Iranian tradition ensuring a premium quality caviar experience.

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