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Sterlet Caviar

The Sterlet Sturgeon Caviar

The Sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser ruthenus) is the smallest in size amongst the various types of sturgeons that are harvested for their caviar, typically four feet in length and fifty five pounds in weight. This sturgeon's wild harvest is nearly non-existent due to its scarce quantities in open waters. Traditionally, they were generally harvested from the Caspian sea and adjacent rivers before numbers in their natural habitat severely declined and are presently classified as endangered. Sterlet caviar has been absent from the open market for many years, however, farming throughout various regions, including Europe, has consistently produced high quality sustainable harvests. It has always been in demand for its flavor, which has been known to taste and look similar to the Sevruga caviar.


Taste and Texture of the Sterlet Caviar

The egg's appearance is lighter than the Ossetra's, usually gray to near black colored pearls. Flavor of the Sterlet caviar is affected by its food intake, similar to other types of sturgeon. A unique authentic flavor may not always be consistent from one sturgeon to another as they naturally travel long distances while consuming food from different regions offering a varying diet and food intake. Historically, sturgeon from the Caspian sea where the most sought after due to scarce supply. The price of the caviar does not reflect the flavor but its scarcity. Beluga is known to be by far the most expensive, which is based on not only its taste, large size eggs, but in large part due to it supply.


Quality of the Sterlet Caviar

Farmed Sterlet caviar is not only sustainable but can offer better consistency in flavor. Aqua-farms or fish farms provide for a controlled environment where the sturgeon can mature sooner than in the wild. The Caspian sea has been known to provide the best caviar in the world. In taste tests, many were surprised at high quality of the flavors from framed Ossetra or Sterlet sturgeons and deemed them very similar to the most sought after wild Caspian sea harvested caviars. Farmed Sterlet caviar is relatively at a great bargain based on the quality of its flavors.